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Call of the Scenic River: An Ohio Journey
 is the story of Ohio’s most natural waterways, told by those who appreciate their splendor, and work to protect and preserve them for future generations.  Although few people realize that Ohio was the first state to declare a Scenic Rivers Program in March of 1968, Ohio's program continues to lead river conservation because of its respect of private property, its commitment to designating the most ecologically intact systems, and its popular volunteer opportunities.

Released on the 40th anniversary year of the Clean Water Act, this film follows Ohio filmmaker Tom Mayor’s journey as he experiences Ohio’s Scenic Rivers, and learns first-hand about non-point-source pollution, and the ecological and economic impacts of water quality.

Filmed by veteran Ohio cinematographers, Mike King and Adam White, with underwater footage by Tom Mayor, the film captures the stunning and natural beauty of the rivers, while featuring the historical perspective of water quality and the modern conditions that affect these watershed eco-systems.

Though a widely publicized issue, the public as a whole remains unaware of the impact they have on water quality. Individuals can make a difference in their own watershed by becoming educated and responsible, offering hope for all streams. 

Ohio’s rivers and lakes are a valuable economic resource for eco-tourism, and the state is also a leader in biological indexing, — testing water quality by identifying natural species present in specific habitats — which supports the multi-million dollar a year sport fisheries.

The protection of Ohio’s surface waters is a complex issue, one we must each address if we are to preserve them for future generations, at the same time, ensure that the waters are safe to drink and recreate in today.

Answer the call, and take this wonderful journey for yourself. 


About the Filmmaker: Tom Mayor, Writer & Producer, The Message Shop

Tom Mayor is an educational film and video producer successfully managing productions for a variety of content experts, in a variety of genres. His company, The Message Shop, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2012 with the film Call of the Scenic River: An Ohio Journey, his largest and most encompassing project to date. This film has been privately funded.

Tom holds a B.F.A. in Motion Picture Production from Wright State University, and has earned many awards throughout his career. Among his many credits on independent films, Tom has had works in the Sundance Film Festival - for a film he was cinematographer on and co-produced with Nichol Simmons in which they received an Honorable Mention in shorts; International Film & Video Festival - Gold Award for educational student programming; Telly Award - original educational programming. His works have been broadcast and distributed on television internationally. He has produced educational programming for the Iams Corporation (Cloonan & Associates), Crown Equipment Corporation, The National Aviation Hall of Fame and has on-going programs based in the Archdioceses of Cincinnati and Chicago. Through previous programs, his company has set the standard for advocacy-based outreach and fundraising — with more than 75,000 units sold in the U.S. alone. 

Tom lives and works in Southwest Ohio, and enjoys spending time with his family while appreciating the outdoors.

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